Port Lympne Nature Reserve

Port Lympne Nature Reserve

Port Lympne offers one of the most exciting, thrilling animal encounters guaranteed to get the heart beating a little faster. It's now possible to stay the night in a luxury room, with one wall made entirely of glass - and the lion enclosure is on the other side. Guests can literally sleep with the lions!

We were delighted to be a part of the project. We were tasked with structurally re-strengthening the roof and fabricating two spiral staircases inside the rooms, from design to construction.

The project began with planning the spiral staircases:

Then we started building. Here's where the staircase would be placed, and how it looked once completed, as seen from the upper level:

Lastly, the structural strengthening of the roof:

The Lion Lodge is completed and open to the public. Details and more images can be found on the Port Lympne website.

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