Mechanical Building Services

We cover all heating and cooling services for commercial properties - pumps, water tanks, boilers, chillers, pipework, welded or cut and screwed. We're also capable of plant handling in any location, whether it's five storeys underground or the top of Canary Wharf. Working in system critical locations such as data centres is the norm for us and usually work along side UPS & emergency power companies.

What we do

  • Cooling towers
  • Water filtration
  • Boilers as above including repairs
  • Water treatment for legionella & pseudonymous
  • Duct work including fire rated smoke extract supplied and installed
  • Air handling units, servicing, installing and removal including breakdowns
  • Boosted cold water pumps, heating circulators & pumps 3 port and controls valves
  • Thermal insulation for pipework & ductwork giving a better energy rating for the building

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